February 2014 Curlkit What’s In It

Natural Hair Love Affair

* III Sisters of Nature $12.99 (http://www.3sistersofnature.com) “Once a Week Nourishing Treatment” need it after all this ❄️❄️❄️ THICK awesomeness don’t rush placed that plastic cap on. Do your work while it’s doing its work. Finish product soft and healthy looking curls ready for the next level. 🔹Discount Code: TAKE10 yes 10% off

* URCURLY (http://www.URCurly.com) Still Control for Edges YES!!! It’s a sample NOT a full size product. This item will be placed in the donate basket. Not into slicking my hair or edges back. Personal reasons, just reminds me of my ponytail days in the military. Plus I have so many full size from previous kits/boxes. 🔹Discount Code: CKIT20 20% off the newest product Still Control for Edges until 28 February 2014

* Mixed Chicks (http://www.mixedchicks.net) shampoo, deep conditioner & leave-in conditioner. Not enough product to sample, for someone who’s rocking a TWA. You already know donate basket.

* Pooka Body Oil $10.99-4oz. (http://www.pookapureandsimple.com) soft rose smell with crushed roses in the oil. Received the Bath Salts Mint n’ Roses in February 2013 #curlkit enjoyed the product so much placed an order. The smell lingers which I love.

* My Honey Child $20.00-16oz (http://www.myhoneychild.com) Honey Hair Mask Detangle Deep Condition can not determine the smell so here’s what’s in it. Ingredients: Purified water, unfiltered raw honey, shea butter, coconut butter, mango butter, coconut milk , Vitamin A & E ,fragrance , glyceryl caprylate (natural emulsifier), and optiphen (preservative).

* Hante Textures Tea Tree Conditioner w/Peppermint $12.99 (http://hautetextures.mybigcommerce.com). Will give it a try. Doesn’t work… recycle into fabric softner.

* Yum Yum Candle $13.99-$23.99 (http://www.yumyumcandle.com) Limoncello Soy Candle 🔥 didn’t I get this candle in the May Curlkit? No discount code this time. Regardless it smell good. Keeper! Follow them on Twitter yumyumcandle

🔹discounts for @curlkit #subscribers only

Feb curlkit

CK cover


Here’s a coupon link if you decide to join Curlkit: http://curlkitshop.refr.cc/4T5GS52


3 thoughts on “February 2014 Curlkit What’s In It

    • I joined because I am a product junkie. Saying that if you already know what products works best on your curls then you really don’t need it. If you are in the stage of finding out go for it. Try it for a month, not what you want cancel. There’s plenty of YouTube videos that explain in details what’s in the kit. Each month it’s different, so there’s highs and lows.

      Thanks for you comment and for liking my page. You can find me on Facebook Olivia Marie Lott-Reese, Twitter @mbbpepper and Instagram @jesus14u

      Here’s a coupon link if you decide to join Curlkit: http://curlkitshop.refr.cc/4T5GS52

      • I may subscribe. I recently started making my own product and its working so well however I need a butter so I may sign up to find one.

        Thanks for replying. Check out my brand new site mindypindy.com

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