5 post-wash day habits to improve length retention.

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(Photo: source unknown)

Although wash days are an essential part of caring for natural hair, they can often leave your hair feeling very dry in the days after, even if you have moisturised. This is normally down to inadequate sealing of moisture into the hair shaft, which is then lost through evaporation.

Post-wash maintenance is crucial to minimising dryness and breakage, and therefore retaining length. Natural hair is usually at its most fragile in its post-wash dry state. This is particularly true of thicker, coarser and kinkier hair textures.

Follow these 5 tips to minimise breakage post wash-day and increase your length retention.

1. Seal your hair with a natural oil while the hair is still damp. Although this will not seal in all the moisture, it will give your strands a head start while they dry and limit breakage. Almond oil is great for this as it is renowned…

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