Monday PMCS (Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services) lead me into the direction I took today for PMCS on the curls. After reading their February Curl-life Magazine, I decided on two of the III Sisters of Nature products.

The back page covered the III Sisters of Nature Cleansing Avocado or Coconut CoWashing. I used the rich Avocado thanks to my September 2013 Rinsed hair prior to using, divided into four sections, applied from root to ends, let sit on hair for approximately five-minutes and rinsed out. Very satisfied with the product. Recommend and/or Purchase Again: YES

“Once a Week Nourishing Treatment” sample pack from the February 2014 Curlkit. Something my mane (long, thick hair on a person’s head), was screaming for. Product is thick, creamy, couldn’t determine the smell. Used the entire sample package, divided into four section and applied from roots to the ends, giving special attention to my ends. Due to illness it takes me a little longer to get ready, so I didn’t rush the awesomeness placed a plastic cap on. On longer than the package directions. Rinsed in cool water. Finish product soft and healthy looking curls ready for the next level. You can find additional information about this product at their website ( Curlkit subscribers don’t forget your discount Code: TAKE10 yes 10% off. Very satisfied with the product. Would I recommend and/or Purchase Again: YES

Divided hair into four section for easy detangling, which was a breeze today.

Use the Doris NY Leave-In #AprilcurlBox2013. Used about a quarter size to each section. Did I just see the back row to the wave? Next in line Healty Hair Butter. Didn’t know what i want to do…. here’s to #flattwists, pulling out stuff today from #Natural #curlBoxAugust2013 @QhemetBiologics Amla & Olive Heavy Cream little goes a long ways (good thing its was a small sample). Finish with 10 flasttwists used purple #permrods to curl the ends. Cover with my silk bonnet time to rest.




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