50Gray&Natural and the KGMA Breaking News Operator

#50Gray&Natural: The @edenbodyworks has new products out (#DiscoverEDEN).

Operator: Where did you hear about this and what are the products?

#50Gray&Natural: I’m not one to gossips but since you asked, your station “KGMA Breaking News” interrupted “Chicago PD”.

Operator: Sorry to hear that but did you like the special effects?

#50Gray&Natural: Sure did that why I called. Would love to be one of the first 500 #naturalcurlygirls to get my hands on the NEW Coconut Shea treats! (#hairoil #hairbalm #hairmasque and #stylingelixir).

Operator: We will see what we can do since #Chicago PD was interrupted.

#50Gray&Natural: I’ve been using #EdenBodyWorks since I won a #giveaway sponsored by @tobnatural. Thank you thank you.

Grandson: OMA! Oma! OMA wake up! Who’s @EdenBodyWorks?

#50Gray&Natural: Hair products. Guess I was dreaming.


Quote from EdenBodyWorks.com: The thing about EDEN BodyWorks™ that makes it so heavenly is how the all-natural ingredients work wonders to leave your hair softer, stronger and healthier. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Here’s some ways to follow @edenbodyworks.com
Facebook: EDEN BodyWorks
Twitter: EDEN BodyWorks
YouTube: Discover EDEN
Instagram: EdenBodyWorks
Available at Sally’s, Walmart and Walgreens just naming a few check throughout your community for other locations. If they don’t carry it ask the owner would they consider.

Special Shout: Toia B aka ToBNatural was sponsoring a giveaway last year, needless to say I won the giveaway. That’s when I was introduced to EDEN BodyWorks Coconut Shea line. ToBNatural is an active blogger @luvtobnatural.com. She is one of my go to resource for natural hair and fashion. Plus she is a photographer living in my birth state “New York”. Thank you! Here’s a picture of the beautiful products plus go to mbbpepper.wordpress.com to read about the giveaway and product review.

Edens Body Works

I love winning and receiving free stuff to try and write a review, even if it’s all pictures. Truth is I just had major back surgery and I bored. Did I say that out loud? Oops!

Yes I’m 50+
Yes I’m Gray
Yes I’m Natural


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