Earthtones Naturals Rehyration Kit from Curly Dew Giveaway Prize sponsored by Global Couture LLC

7-Day Hydration: This is the ultimate kit for rehydrating your hair! it contains everything you need to increase the moisture in your hair keep it there!

I selected my hair texture and this is what was in my box. Go online to see the other natural hair and skin care products they offer along with price.

📦 Medium to Thick Textured Kit
📌 Coconut oil pre-wash extra item not part of the kit
📌 Curl Cleanse™ Moisturizing & Conditioning Shampoo
📌 Curl Condition™ Intensive Hydrating Deep Treatment
📌 Curl Quench™ Refreshing Mist
📌 Curl Quench™ Hair Butter
📌 Curl Replenish™ Revitalizing Scalp & Hair Oil

**This kit comes with directions on how to implement their 7-Day Rehydration Protocol! Plus they are all full size except the coconut oil which was an extra.


Thank you for selecting me to try this product. Quick view of the contents enclosed. Can not wait to dig in and apply. Just had major back surgery but give me a few more weeks and I’ll post a full review.

Yes I’m 50
Yes I’m Gray

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🎫 Contact Information for Curly Dew Natural Beauty by Erica:
P.O. Box 1854
Fair view Heights, IL 62208
Online Store:
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🎫 Contact Information for Global Couture:
Patricia, Global Couture LLC, Designer & Owner
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NOTE: Music by @pharrelwilliams Happy ( from “Despecable Me 2”)


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