Wash Day and Day 1 UPDATE using Earthtones Naturals Rehydration Kit

Wash Day and Day 1 UPDATE using Earthtones Naturals Rehydration Kit from Curly Dew Giveaway Prize sponsored by Global Couture LLC

📦 Medium to Thick Textured Kit

📌 Coconut oil pre-wash extra item not part of the kit: Divided into 8 twists. One at a time I sprayed each twist with my water solution which is made up of water, coconut oil, BJCO and tea tree oil along with applying the coconut oil pre-wash. I didn’t think it was going to be enough so I grabbed my jar of coconut oil, but to my surprise it was more than enough. The process was something like this
divide, spray, apply, twist and next until all eight had product on them. Covered with a plastic cap for a little over an hour. Rinsed and twist each twist one at a time according to instructions.

📌 Curl Cleanse™ Moisturizing & Conditioning Shampoo: Smells a little like burnt brown sugar (love the smell reminds me of another product). Consistency was too runny for me. Washed each twist one at a time. My hair was soft and fluffy only after one wash and I felt as if my hair was clean. Out of habit I washed again.

📌 Curl Condition™ Intensive Hydrating Deep Treatment: I couldn’t detect the smell so I had my grandson to smell and he said it smells like vanilla. After reading the ingredients again its smell like cocoa powder and is very thick. For this step it was easier for me to take down the twists and apply this step. Only because I had to make sure majority of the water was out of my hair by using an old t-shirt. Divided into four big twist and apply the product to each twist and covered with a plastic cap for 30 minutes then rinsed out. Hair still soft and fluffy.

📌 Curl Quench™ Refreshing Mist: Smells like piña colada without the rum. Sprayed each twist until the were full saturated with the product.

📌 Curl Replenish™ Revitalizing Scalp & Hair Oil: Greasy; doesn’t absorbs into the hair meaning it just sits on the top. Tried it on my skin absorb right in. My skin loves it plus I kept smelling my arm after application, then its smell like soft baby powder. I didn’t like this product for my hair.

📌 Curl Quench™ Hair Butter: Smells like candy, sweet “Skittles”. For this step I divided one a time one of the four twist into four more individual twists making a total of sixteen twists. Apply the butter to hair and twist.

Sit outside on the patio with hubby to let my hair air dry. Later covered with silk cap and off to bed.

Time to walk and shake my head or NOT. Cap removed, touched one twist noooooooo dry and crunchy. Disappointment sets in. I’m saying to myself “This is my first time going out since my back surgery and my hair is a mess”. I sprayed it with the Refreshing Mist then added some Hair Butter. There was no life/moisture in my hair.

I ended up parting it on the side and did two flat twist and bobby pinned it in the back into a cute bun. Seven days… okay but tomorrow is church and its already to hot in Oklahoma to wear a wrap. Reapplying the mist, oil and butter. This girl really wants to apply my leave-in, my oil and my butter/moisture. But I said I would try it for seven days. Who know at the end of seven day I could be singing a new song.

NOTE: The kit came with directions on how to implement their 7-Day Rehydration Protocol! Plus they are all full size except the coconut oil which was an extra.


6 thoughts on “Wash Day and Day 1 UPDATE using Earthtones Naturals Rehydration Kit

  1. Interesting… I will be following along on your hair journey. IF you are satisfied at the end, I will take the product line into consideration. Lack of CONSISTENT moisture is a ‘problem’ of mine in this dry Texas heat! 🙂

  2. Hello this is Susan from Earthtones Naturals. I’m not sure why the products didn’t work for you but there is definitely a way to use them correctly for the best results. I would love to troubleshoot as I know my products work consistently for most people. Please contact me and we can chat.

    Susan, Earthtones Naturals

  3. Hi, this is Erica with Curly Dew, I sent you an email to clarify the recommended sequenced steps for applying the products for the 7 day hydration protocol. It’s seems like you utilized the liquid, oil & cream (LOC) method, which doesn’t work for this protocol. Please feel free to contact.

    Erica, Curly Dew

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