Day 2 UPDATE continues with using Earthtones Naturals Rehydration Kit from Curly Dew Giveaway Prize sponsored by Global Couture LLC

Hair remain in the protective style with a silk bonnet while I got some Zzzzs.

Clothes ready for Sunday Worship Service. Next up my beautiful natural mane. Sprayed Curl Quench™ Refreshing Mist to attempt to bring my hair back to life. Is that a curl, you bet it is but not enough to wear it like a wash and go. So I added about a quarter size of the Curl Quench™ Hair Butter for shine. Brush hair backward into side Afro puff. Did one side at a time adding band to each then one large band to join them together to give the appearance of one big puff. Sprayed additional Refreshing Mist to soften the puff. Off the service.

Night time preparation: Hair is soft so I was only going to take all the hair bands out and cover with a silk bonnet and work on it tomorrow but then I said give yourself 30 minutes. I started with looking at the products again in a difference way trying to use the LOC (Leave-In, Oil and Cream/Butter) method. Section hair into three sections for easy managing because I do have some length. I applied the Curl Condition™ Intensive Hydrating Deep Treatment (leave-in), coconut oil and hair butter, put in six flat twist. As I was twisting I could feel and see my hair come alive.

Okay off to bed still recovery from major back surgery.


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