FINAL UPDATE using Earthtones Naturals Rehydration Kit from Curly Dew Giveaway Prize sponsored by Global Couture LLC

Final days using Earthtones Naturals Rehydration Kit. I didn’t want to end on a sour note. So, I tried the complete kit again, just in case I did something wrong.

Started out using Coconut oil pre-wash, extra item not part of the kit. Divided hair into four (4) sections. One at a time I sprayed each twist with my water solution which is made up of water, coconut oil, BJCO and tea tree oil along with applying the coconut oil pre-wash. Rinsed and twist each twist one at a time according to the instructions.

Followed by Curl Cleanse™ Moisturizing & Conditioning Shampoo. Used about a natural girl nickel size, great lather (suds). Washed each twist one at a time and retwist. Hair was soft and fluffy, only after one wash I felt as if my hair was clean. Out of habit I washed it again.


Time for a little deep conditioning using Curl Condition™ Intensive Hydrating Deep Treatment. Unwrap each twist one at a time, applied the deep treatment, twist and covered with plastic cap. Rinsed, hair still soft and fluffy.

Deep condition


Due to medical reason I decided on the Wash-N-Go style. This is where things began to take a turn in the wrong directions. Untwist all twists and applied the Curl Quench™ Refreshing Mist. Sprayed each twist until they were fully saturated with the product. Next applied Curl Replenish™ Revitalizing Scalp & Hair Oil about a dime size to each section.

Then the Curl Quench™ Hair Butter. While doing this step tiny white balls appear throughout my hair. This happen as I was combing the product through my hair. I didn’t like what I was seeing and really want to start over but I was expecting the doorbell to ring any minute. Finished the remaining three twists, same results. The Wash-N-Go was a total bust, it was like the product and my hair didn’t get along an exploded with white dots everywhere. Quickly I added a few flat twists and cover with a beautiful head wrap.

Wash n go

Flat twist

I am truly grateful for this experience in trying Earthtones Naturals Rehydration Kit. So sorry this particular kit and my hair didn’t do the happy dance. Special thanks to Global Couture LLC for the Curly Dew Giveaway Prize.

I’m available to try and review natural hair products.

Yes I’m 50+
Yes I’m Gray


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3 thoughts on “FINAL UPDATE using Earthtones Naturals Rehydration Kit from Curly Dew Giveaway Prize sponsored by Global Couture LLC

  1. Wonderful journey your hair had! 😀 Thank you for sharing.

    I have chosen YOU as a nominee for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”. I truly enjoy reading your blog postings and hope that you will click the following link to acknowledge the nomination. I encourage you to keep being the AWESOME writer that you are. I look forward to your future blogs!

    ~ Angela

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