Day 2 of 31 Something About Me

I’ve been reading Mrs. ReShonda Tate Billingsley (@ReShondaT) books for a long time. Her books are easy to read, keep you interest, spiritual, life lessons and you can sometimes find yourself, family member or a friend in the book.

I just recently had major back surgery. I was looking for a good read so I sent out a tweet. See below:


I love entering giveaways and I do win some. One of my recents giveaways I entered was for an autograph copy of @ReShondaT new book “Whats Done In The Dark”. Here’s the information to entered the giveaway is still going on.


Yesterday I questioned myself if I followed all the directions because I hadn’t won yet and was feeling a little discourage about winning. So I went back and was twitted everything that pertain to ReShonda’s new book. I wanted the autograph copy then I said a quick prayer “Dad, I want that book”.

Here’s a copy of the tweet: @ReShondaT: CONGRATS @mbbpepper! You win an autographed copy of my #WhatsDoneInTheDarkBook! Please DM your mailing address to @ReShondaT. THX 4 the RT!

I was sooooo excited and praising God at the same time. I quickly sent my address but no name and had to sent another one.



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