The Redemption Love Story

My Father calleth “Where are You?” Come!

Jeanie Shepard Ministries

Screenshot_2014-06-22-10-54-57-1God placed Adam in the garden that He provided for him and gave him authority to rule over the earth and everything upon the earth. In the mean time Eve was deceived by the serpent, known as lucifer the “shining one”. He planted a seed that both Adam and Eve partook of. This caused their eyes to open and they knew that they were naked. Because they partook of satan’s seed of rebellion they both experienced a spiritual death and had to exit the garden. They became slaves of sin and corruption.

After completing creation God rested from all His work, but because of the fall of man God broke His rest (Gen. 2:3). The fact being that man could not redeem himself from the curse of sin. Therefore, the voice of the Lord went walking through the garden on the cool of the day (v.8).

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