Havana TwistsUpdo

Finally, made a natural hair appointment to have Havana Twists installed. Before, I get to Adorned Style Loft (@theadorned), there’s some preparation… “ready, set, go“:

Seven Step Before I Reach the Adorned Style Loft

1) Untwist about 30 two-strands twist from a previous hair style.

2) Pre-shampoo with coconut oil and my homemade hair and scalp oil.

3) Section hair into four sections (keeps my hair from tangling while shampooing and conditioning).

4) Shampoo each section with Carols Daughters Sacred Tiare (anti-breakage & anti-frizz) sulfate-free shampoo, twice just out of habit.


5) Condition each section with Carols Daughters Sacred Tiare (anti-breakage & anti-frizz) fortifying conditioner. Left on hair about 15 minutes only because I was in a bit of a hurry.


6) Sprayed a little of the Carols Daughter Leave-in Conditioner Sacred Tiare (anti-breakage & anti-frizz).

7) Placed a plastic cap on, then covered it with one of @tonidaley head wraps.


Out the door with two stops in mine. First to the ATM (shop doesn’t take cards NOT good). In today’s society it’s almost a necessarily even if it’s the square by Apple. The square is free but to process each transaction cost one single small fee with no bank charge.

Money in wallet, next into the beauty supply store to grab four bags of Jamaican Braid. Who goes in a hair shop and only get one thing? Saw two different kind of JBCO that I hadn’t tried, ring that up also along with an extra large shower cap.

Arrived early hate to be late. Even had time to stop an get a bite to eat. The beautiful Towanda Parker arrived and greeted me with her lovely smile.

When I first set in her chair one of the first things she said was your hair is healthy. This is what majority of naturals are striving for healthy, not necessary length. The process took about 3 1/2 hours. From start to finish there was NO pain. I have learned if it hurt to the point where you have to take aspirins it’s to tight and could possible cause breakage.

Twist start


After wearing the Havana Twists for a couple weeks I used a dry shampoo and tea tree oil for freshness. I have falling in love with this protective style so versatile with lots of compliments. I will probably keep these the entire summer. Now it’s time to make a touch up appointment.

50Gray&Natural and loving it.
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Products or Services
šŸ“Œ Towanda Parker owner/stylist of Adorned Style Loft is at 1930, suite 7 Ferris Road, Lawton, Oklahoma 73505 | @theadorned on Instagram | make contact for an appointment for all your natural hair services.

šŸ“Œ Carols Daughter for Sacred Tiare can also be purchased at your local Targets. These products were in my March @Curlbox.

šŸ“Œ Headwraps can be purchased online at One went with me to the hospital. These are some amazing headwraps.


One thought on “DAY 4-5 of 31 SOMETHING ABOUT ME

  1. Olivia, I absolutely love the new look of your blog! Your havana twists look AMAZING! I have got to get my hands on some of that Carol’s Daughter so that I can finally try the product line. The price is a bit steep for me, but I know the product line is of great quality.

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