Day 8 of 31 Something About Me

CookingI hate arriving home after five, especially when I have to cook dinner. I feel pressured to have dinner complete when hubby gets home since I don’t work outside the home. Get home check the chicken breast and those bad boys are still frozen.

Being that I’m such a good cook. I started to scan the refrigerator to see what’s in there including leftovers so I can come up with a complete meal. Here’s the finds plain white rice, chicken fried steak and green beans. Got it, remake the rice into fried rice add the string beans and reheat the steak. Bam💥💥💥 Dinner!!!

Now the chicken is all clean, seasoned and ready for tomorrow dinner. Have to do a commissary run in the morning and will pick up some fresh greens. Thinking grilled chicken on bed of salad. Quick meal again for two reason I get to have my grandson (he requires 97% of mt attention) and there’s Bible Study tomorrow.

50Gray&Natural and loving it!


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