Day 9 -11 of 31 Something About Me

Fibromyalgia Yes three days in one, blame it on the fibromyalgia.

Off to Oma’s house, that’s what my little buddy was saying on Wednesday. What to do, what to do… Take him swimming on post (military installation), since I have to go to the commissary (military food store).

First stop the post office. Use this stop to teach him how to mail a letter and place it in the box. Back in the car, I said the sky is dark and it looks like it’s going to rain. My intelligent smart grandson said it’s not dark, your windows are tinted OMA. I’m looking at the sky, take my sunglasses off and it’s still dark. Pull up to the park, get set up and the sky opens up. Back to the car we go to finish our lunch.

Swim hole Oh my Gosh how is it all the nice water parks on post are now for “residents only” NOT for retirees and the others are CLOSED. Finally found a water hole for him to play for an hour.

Thursday lunch with the girls in the mountain. Good food, great laughter and just good old fashion fun. Happy Birthday Dolina.
Dolina bd

A fibromyalgia flare up…noooooo. Here’s what a flare up looks like (see the above picture), it’s no joke. I’m tired seriously worn out. Doctors orders rest and heat. HEAT in Oklahoma with a girl who has hotflashes.

My confession is that I’m a heal and made completely whole. Walking in total restoration.

50Gray&Natural and loving it!💋


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