A Quality Editor is a Necessity!

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Throughout the 30+ years of my writing, proofreading, and editing career, I have encountered a variety of common writing errors. Therefore, before offering suggestions for corrections to clientele, I take time to know them to ensure my editorial work does not in any way take away from the writer’s intent.

One of the most common errors I find is when writers are striving to meet a word count. In doing so, redundancy becomes the word of the day. The influx of unnecessary words begins to overtake the writing. Here’s a suggestion: As you write, ask, “Can I say this in fewer words and remain impactful?” Let’s look at the following examples…

(Wordy) The dog and the cat jumped around excitedly while waiting to meet the baker because they both knew he had their special treats.

(Concise)The excited animals waited for the baker to approach with their special treats.

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