Day 12-13 of 31 Something About Me

Back to Back Wenting Trips to Texas Big red clock

Hubby and I love to take what we call “wenting trips” (believing God or having faith for something and going to see or feel the substance of item hope for; faith destination). Off we go Wichita Falls, Texas to the “Big Boy Toys” Festival.

We all have heard that in Texas everything is BIG! I think this committee didn’t get the memo, then they charged to get it. With that said, we did find what we were looking for. This girl is excited can not wait for our first trip.

Two of my closest friends just purchased new homes and one is doing a little shopping for her home. So I invited myself to tag along with the understanding from my husband that I’m not there to shop. Okay!!!

Back sit driversAll packed in headed back to Texas, with a car full of ladies. Headed to Ashley’s Furniture and another store name Furniture Row. We sung, laugh and giggle before we knew it, we were pulling into our first stop (it’s only a forty-five minute drive).

Little red clockOh me oh my, I’m in a furniture paradise with so many accessories I could do a one stop shopping just to decorate my home. Everything I see I like and want to take it home, like these red clocks (I have really high ceiling/large wall space to cover; click on the picture to see how big it is). You know it’s always like that when you have said you were not going to purchase anything.

But, I just had to try my husband. I text him the big clock first he immediately said “NO”. So I found a small one and text him that one. Another quick response but this one was longer “the answer is still “NO” doesn’t matter how many pictures you sent me”. Nooooo he just told me no. The process of learning how to submit without allowing the spirit of witchcraft to rub, steal and destroy what God had build.

All in all another good afternoon wenting trip with a bunch of ladies having good clean fun.

50Gray&Natural and loving it! 💋


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