Day 14 of 31 Something About Me

Baby Tina 27 Years Ago 14 July 1987

I gave birth to an unique, inspiring, daring jewel who has always done things her way. Expressing her individuality to the world saying “I have my own style”.

Spec babyTwenty-seven years ago I was an Army Specialist station in Munich, Germany. Since Munich didn’t have an American hospital, I decided to have her in Augsburg German American Hospital what was considered American soil. This way she would be consider an American therefore less paperwork when it’s time to travel back to the United States of America. Except when it was time for her to get her driving license, she had to provide her passport and child born aboard certificate.

I didn’t want to know the sex of the baby because it was a difficult pregnancy, just wanted a healthy baby. I remember to the doctor ask me what I wanted and I said a girl. He said okay will going into the operating room and we will be thinking “pink”.

Terry babyHer brother, Terry finally got a sister that he has been asking for. Him and his sister are 5 1-2 years apart. Later as he became a teenager, she became known as Terry’s little sister.

imageThis young beautiful lady has brought our family so much joy. She has to have major heart surgery when she was four. Due to her heart not developing right, I was told that happens with twins. The other twin didn’t live. During this time it was very difficult for me, seeing your baby in the hospital and there was nothing you could do.

My prayer for her is that as God is preparing a husband for her that she will began to move into the stage of receiving him. And…give me my grand babies LOL.

Young adult

50Gray&Natural and loving it! 💋

SIDENOTE: change 1 changing Berlin to Munich. We were station in Berline also when baby girl was around 5.


3 thoughts on “Day 14 of 31 Something About Me

  1. So very sweet! Your daughter is beautiful!

    Sidebar: Until I read this, I never even considered the difficulties associated with citizenship when one is born overseas to American citizens. How sharp of you to make the decision you did! *Two thumbs up*

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