Day 16 of 31 Something About Me

Today was all about ME.Me nail shop

Slept in a little longer, awaken to the smell of fresh brewed coffee (thanks love). He didn’t stop there, he went on to make us breakfast (eggs and bacon). I policed up the kitchen and took out some hamburger meat to cook the girls some dinner tonight. Hubby got ready to go into town to start the training of a new employee.

My mission was to do a little clothes shopping. After two back surgeries this lady has gain some weight. So a couple of pieces was needed for our upcoming trip.

After breaking my nail, I decided to get them (fingers and toes) done. Being a Julep member, I have a lot of nail polish so I decided on two.

Shopping was a great success. It’s always good when there’s a BIG discount. The young lady that was helping me, she was awesome. One top she picked out for me was a tab bit to young for me and I had to ask her how old do you think I am? She said thirty something, thanks I’m fifty-two, yes I was blushing. I walk out of there with an awesome haul.

PamperingTried out a new nail and spa shop, since I was in the area. My legs, toes and feet were all doing the happy dance on more than one occasion. Little expensive plus they charged me for using two colors and it’s my nail polish.

ToesI enjoyed my day. Nails and toes beach look. It’s always good to close a day when the girls (my daughters), come out for dinner.

50Gray&Natural and loving it! šŸ’…


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