Day 17 of 31 Something About Me

Missed Flight

First time ever, I missed my flight. Part of my job before I retired involved traveling and I never missed one flight. But today… I left my house in enough time but I didn’t take in account the parking.

Parking!!! The garage was full which I had bank on parking my C300. Didn’t want her (Pepper) left out in the Oklahoma weather. Our weather can produce hail, goftball size hail, tornados and high temperatures 100+ degrees.

After getting all turned around at the airport finally got back on track. Now I’m driving up and down lanes trying to find an opening. Finally a spot row “Q” nooooooo. I look at the time okay I’m still have time. Where’s the airport bus? No bus, it’s raining and I’m walking with a cane.

In my sight, the Delta self check-in box, slide my American Express card in and the screen has this message for me “to late to check in” noooooooo. I went to the desk only to find out I’m (3) minutes to late. I actually pleaded with the lady I had NO bags only my purse.

Now I have to deal with Miss Delta, who is acting like she has all the tickets in her hand and I’m not getting one, not today anyway. Her next reply it’s going to cost you $536. Seriously, give up that American card again with the question is there military discount. No response from Miss Delta. Finally she speaks “I had to work hard to get this done, it’s only going to be $50.00” now that’s a big military discount.

Headed back home feeling defeated. Now back into the rain. First airport bus driver tells me I have to go back up stairs to catch a bus. I’m tired, migraine kicking in and my back is throbbing. Back in my car heading home, alone family is already there because they drove. I was unable to take the long ride due to recent infused discs (L4/L5/S1).

I will have missed an entire day of my vacation. Tomorrow I will try it again, drive back to Oklahoma City. I will have a parking space in the garage.

50Gray&Natural and loving it! ✈️


3 thoughts on “Day 17 of 31 Something About Me

  1. Good morning Olivia! Wow! What a way to start a vacation. All I know is God is in control of every situation. Whether it’s good or bad. Romans 8:28, says “God causes all things to work for good, for those who love Him and according to His will.” I pray that good has come to pass in this situation and that you are feeling much better, too! God’s blessings to you, my dear. 🙂

    • An encourager you are. Thanks always for the wonderful words. One day the three of us we met. Enjoy the beginning of your weekend. I finally at the airport all checked in, three hours early.

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