God’s Collection of Tears

Very informative… Nothing like turn our pain/sorrow into something positive for our good. Thank you Father!

Jeanie Shepard Ministries

Screenshot_2014-07-21-04-22-18-1Today’s Scripture: Thou tellest my wanderings; put thou my tears into thy bottle; are they not in thy book? (Ps. 56:8 KJV).

God taking notice of our tears, bottling  and remembering them is a metaphor. In ancient times the custom was, when a person was ill or in great distress, his friends would visit him and take with them a tear bottle. As the tears rolled down the cheeks of the sufferer they were caught in these bottles, sealed up, and preserved as a memorial of the event. This is what David referred to in Ps. 56:8. Put thou my tears into thy bottle. Are thy not in thy book?

“Thy book” refers to the “Book of Remembrance” spoken of in Malachi 3:16. Remembrance refers to the act of remembering a person, thing or an event; or the state of bearing in mind. Forgetfulness has no place with God because He never…

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