INTERVIEW: Author Veronica N. Chapman On Building The Self-Esteem Of Our Youth

Afrophire Magazine

Inspiring Author Veronica N. Chapman talks with AFROPHIRE about her vision of building the self-esteem of our youth and her Kickstarter campaign for her children’s book I Know I Can! . Let’s meet Veronica!

Veronica Chapman

Photo Credit: Craig Bailey

AM: Hello Veronica! We can’t tell you what a pleasure and an honor it is to be able to talk with you. We’re really excited to find out more on the details about your book I Know I Can and your passion for the youth. Tell us a little bit about yourself. (Name, where you’re from, life’s passion, etc.)

V: Thank you so much for having me! I am truly honored! My name is Veronica Nicole Chapman and I am a Jersey girl living in the Boston area. I am really committed to using my talents to inspire, educate, and empower young people so everything I do tends to be intertwined with my social…

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