There’s a Blessing in the Breaking

Jeanie Shepard Ministries

Screenshot_2014-09-04-13-42-34-1Of all the articles that I have written thus far, this one is the most sensitive to me. I feel this way because this is my personal testimony of my initial call for ministry service from God. Of all the pictures I have shared on my post, this one depicts me the most at that time.  I love this picture because four years ago I was this woman. I lived in a broken down home that was not my own, but it was the place that God led me, to take His yoke upon me and learn from him (Matt. 11:29). I lived in this place, but I did not own it nor was my name on a lease or contract. I was a temporary resident, living like a squatter. I never could have imaged that I would ever living in a place like this. I did come from a…

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