One Lovely Blog Award

WOW!!! I’m honored, daily you inspired me to keep reaching for the things of God. Thank you!

Jeanie Shepard Ministries

One Lovely Blog AwardI am both honored and pleased to announce my nomination for the “One Lovely Blog Award.”

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The Weakest Strong Man

It’s a very dangerous thing to toy around with the enemy.

Jeanie Shepard Ministries

Screenshot_2014-07-31-12-36-12-1The Story of Samson
Scripture: Judges Chpts. 14 – 16

Samson’s life is one of contradiction. From birth Samson was to be a Nazirite, set apart unto God, (Numb. 6:1-8).  A Nazirite takes a vow to separate from certain worldly things and consecrates himself to the holy things of God (Judg. 13:5). For the Nazirite certain restrictions applied. They were to sustain from all strong drinks; they were forbidden to cut their hair, and forbidden to go near dead corpses of any kind. Samson continually ignored his vow. He went down to the Valley of Timnath, which was famous for its vines, (Isa.5:2; Jere. 2:21).

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New Editing and Media Updates Are Here

The Blog

As many of you know, we periodically release new features and updates to the software that powers sites. We’re excited to share the freshest crop of improvements with you today, and hope they’ll make great content even easier to create.

Some of the highlights of this major update:

  • The Media Library’s look has been upgraded, and your files are now displayed, by default, in an easy-to-view grid. Still prefer the old list view? You can toggle back and forth as many times as you wish.
  • Composing new posts — and editing old ones — has just become a lot easier with a fixed toolbar. You no longer need to scroll up and down the Post Editor to make changes, which makes longform writing, in particular, especially smoother.
  • Improved audio playlists let you enter artist and album information, which will be displayed in the audio player in the published post.

A sleeker…

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Valleys Are Blessings

Jeanie Shepard Ministries

Screenshot_2014-07-25-06-27-28-1Today’s Scripture: Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me, (Ps. 23:4 KJV).

“The Valley of the Shadow of Death” was an actual place. It was a dreadful intimidating place through which one must travel on the road to Jerusalem from Jericho. It was a place favored by thieves and murderers who took advantage of travelers that braved a road adjacent to deadly terrain. A valley is a low place between two high places. In order to have a valley there must be mountains on either side. Mountains on the left of us and on the right of us. Without the mountains there is no valley.

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INTERVIEW: Author Veronica N. Chapman On Building The Self-Esteem Of Our Youth

Afrophire Magazine

Inspiring Author Veronica N. Chapman talks with AFROPHIRE about her vision of building the self-esteem of our youth and her Kickstarter campaign for her children’s book I Know I Can! . Let’s meet Veronica!

Veronica Chapman

Photo Credit: Craig Bailey

AM: Hello Veronica! We can’t tell you what a pleasure and an honor it is to be able to talk with you. We’re really excited to find out more on the details about your book I Know I Can and your passion for the youth. Tell us a little bit about yourself. (Name, where you’re from, life’s passion, etc.)

V: Thank you so much for having me! I am truly honored! My name is Veronica Nicole Chapman and I am a Jersey girl living in the Boston area. I am really committed to using my talents to inspire, educate, and empower young people so everything I do tends to be intertwined with my social…

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Phire Werk: SHAOLIN JAZZ Apparel, A Stylistic Connection Between Jazz and Hip-Hop

Afrophire Magazine

Shaolin Jazz Apparel models in front of a graffiti wall

SHAOLIN JAZZ is a work of art that not only re-emphasizes the greatness of the artists involved, but serves to further the connection between Jazz and Hip-Hop, while also educating those unfamiliar about both genres.

Gerald Watson and DJ 2-Tone Jones

If you thought the hardcore sounds of Hip-Hop and the laid-back tones of Jazz were an unlikely pair, then think again because Gerald Watson and DJ 2-Tone Jones will show you how it’s done. Watson and Jones are the creative minds behind the artistic mix project  SHAOLIN JAZZ – The 37th Chamber. The mix project is comprised of various Jazz songs and breaks fused with a cappellas and vocal samples from the iconic Hip-Hop group Wu-Tang Clan. For those who aren’t Hip-Hop heads or Jazz junkies the unique unity of both genres will open your ears and mind.

SHAOLIN JAZZ Apparel is one of ten ingenious extensions to originate from the mix project. The graphic tee collection is showcased through the latest…

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God’s Collection of Tears

Very informative… Nothing like turn our pain/sorrow into something positive for our good. Thank you Father!

Jeanie Shepard Ministries

Screenshot_2014-07-21-04-22-18-1Today’s Scripture: Thou tellest my wanderings; put thou my tears into thy bottle; are they not in thy book? (Ps. 56:8 KJV).

God taking notice of our tears, bottling  and remembering them is a metaphor. In ancient times the custom was, when a person was ill or in great distress, his friends would visit him and take with them a tear bottle. As the tears rolled down the cheeks of the sufferer they were caught in these bottles, sealed up, and preserved as a memorial of the event. This is what David referred to in Ps. 56:8. Put thou my tears into thy bottle. Are thy not in thy book?

“Thy book” refers to the “Book of Remembrance” spoken of in Malachi 3:16. Remembrance refers to the act of remembering a person, thing or an event; or the state of bearing in mind. Forgetfulness has no place with God because He never…

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